It’s hard to believe that I have already been here for more than three weeks. I suppose it is a sign that I am settling in, as time is starting to fly. Our weeks are rather oddly divided at the moment. We have a day of rest on the Sabbath (Saturday) and also on Tuesday, which breaks up our week. But it also means that we never really have time to completely switch off because we always have homework. Next month will be different though, so we will see what that will bring. My first exam is on the 2nd of November…(next week!!!) which will bring Jonah to a close. Next month is Modern Hebrew if I have understood the program correctly and my husband comes to visit (hurray!!!).

Not only did we learn the names of the animals, but we also learned the word for tower, and the verb “to build”. We also found out that some of students are very competitive! Who could build the tallest tower without it tumbling to the ground? I quite honestly can’t remember who won.                                                                                                                          

Our classes are from 8:30-12:30 every morning and entirely different from what most of you have probably experienced. Our classroom has no desks, only chairs all around the walls of the room. Our lessons consist of vocabulary learning through visual aids, singing songs (either for children or from the Bible) and dancing, story telling with the use of visual aids, to learn vocabulary and verb tenses, memorizing verses and skits, and physical actions (dancing, climbing, getting up, lying down, sitting, jumping, touching walls, chairs, pointing,…). And of course everything is in Biblical Hebrew. I especially love the singing and our group is full of excellent voices. Even singing kiddie songs is uplifting when you are surrounded by great voices.

In the middle is a path, either side of which are objects representing evil. Which verse were we learning?

In case you were wondering, for the time being I have no more appointments with my osteopath. I am able to sit again, but I still have to take good care of myself and regularly do exercises throughout the day. So every day in class I will disappear during the breaks to do my exercises on the yoga mat loaned to me. Soon I will feel strong enough to get back to my normal exercises.