Tomorrow is the day I have been talking about, dreaming about and planning for for the last two years – my departure for Israel to start my nine month intensive immersion into Hebrew, both Modern and Classical. It’s strange being both nervous and excited all at the same time. Butterflies, nervous tension, stress about packing… I’m usually a really good packer and I have admittedly fit everything I need to take into my case, but we drove to the airport yesterday to check its weight and I am 2.2 kg over! That’s the trouble with packing for three seasons. And the school told us not to pack to our weight limit, because we will be bringing stuff back from Israel. Of course I will be bringing stuff and books back! My strategy is to bring stuff back during the holidays and to use my husband’s baggage weight when he comes over for my graduation in June. Don’t pack too much, love! So today I need to repack and redistribute some weight. No problem!

Talking about weight I must say I am so thankful for modern technology and apps that scan – I have packed all of my Modern Hebrew notes from the last four years into my smartphone! That’s about 3 kg less weight, which are sadly not included in my 2.2 kg. Shame I can’t do that with everything!

As for my love… people have asked how we will cope with this separation. For starters it is only temporary (he is already visiting in November) and as I said, I am back for the holidays, but most importantly, we have the benefit of modern technology and video calls. Long telephone calls are now a thing of the past and my days at uni.

I hope to do regular blog posts while I am away to keep everyone updated on all that is going on and share things I am learning, experiencing, and seeing. I am not the site administrator, but I am sure there is a way to sign up so that you can be notified of updates. Alternatively you can follow us on Facebook (@bfl.asbl) by liking our page and ideally opting to have our page appear as the first in your feed. That way you will be sure not to miss anything.