Several of you have been asking how my appointment with the osteopath went. By now I have had two appointments and he is a huge help. I am actually sitting writing this post!!! I’m not sure I will be able to write it all sitting, but hey, I started at my table.

For my first appointment my teacher took me down to the osteopath’s practice, just to be sure I knew where it was and I was delighted to find out it is just around the corner from where I lived for a month two years ago. I got to know the area well and loved it around there. It’s a quiet residential area, full of life and an old train track that has been converted into a walking and cycling track. The fact that I was in that area that I loved had an immediate calming effect on me. I spent just over an hour with the osteopath and was delighted with the treatment I got. If ever you need one in Jerusalem, let me know and I’ll give you his information.

After my treatment I walked up to the start of the track to what is known in English as “The First Station”, the old station that has been converted into an inside outside space with restaurants and shops. I spent many a happy hour there two years ago and was glad to walk through there to get my bus.

My next appointment was on Thursday and the osteopath really started working the problem areas – big ouch!!! Friday my leg and hip felt swollen and sore, but today they already feel much better.

He has told me to walk lots, eat lots of vegetables (a problem at the moment), totally avoid aubergines and only eat hummus before 11 am. I have exercises to do, deep breathing, and an interesting exhortation to “be complex”. That really spoke to me. He knows where I am coming from, what I am doing, and is totally sympathetic, so I know what to do with his advice.

I’ll be going back on Tuesday and am already looking forward to it. The appointment is on my day off (Tuesdays this month, apart from Shabbat) and I intend to spend a few hours in the area relaxing and being complex 🙂

I am still sitting but need to move now, so I’ll sign off for now, but will hopefully be able to write something soon (I know I promised a tour of my room and a post on our selfie race!).

Thanks for staying updated and interested.