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All rights reserved. Copyright © 2017 by Bibles International®, USA.  The copyright owner grants permission for the Bibel fir Lëtzebuerg® (BFL) to be quoted, copied or reprinted without prior written permission with the following qualifications: (a) up to and including one thousand (1000) verses may be quoted, except (1) the verses being quoted may not comprise as much as 60% of the work in which they are quoted and/or (2) the verses quoted may not comprise an entire book of the Bible when quoted; all BFL quotations must conform accurately to the BFL text.

When the Bibel fir Lëtzebuerg® is quoted of any work, one of the following credit lines must appear:

“D’Bibelzitater sinn vun der Bibel fir Lëtzebuerg®, copyright © 2017 by Bibles International®, USA. Mat Erlaabnes gebraucht.”

“Scriptures quoted from Bibel fir Lëtzebuerg®, copyright © 2017 by Bibles International®, USA. Used by permission.”

Quotations from this Bible may be identified in written form with the abbreviation (BFL) in less formal documents but is not limited to this list, such as bulletins, newsletters, curriculum, media pieces, and posters.

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