46 E-books sold from May 2019 – 20/08/2023

Since May 2019 up to 20th August 2023 Bibel Fir Lëtzbeurg asbl sold 46 e-books of D’Neit Testament op Lëtzebuergesch through Amazon:

Zënter Mee 2019 bis den 20. August 2023 huet Bibel fir Lëtzebuegr asbl 46 E-Bicher vum D’Neit Testament op Lëtzebuergesch duerch Amazon verkaf:

Amazon store Qty e-books
Amazon.de 27
Amazon.com 12
Amazon.fr 3
Amazon.co.uk 3
Amazon.it 1
Amazon.com.br 1
46 E-books sold from May 2019 – 20/08/20232023-08-20T16:24:30+01:00

Introduction of the New Testament in Luxembourgish

We are happy to introduce the New Testament in Luxembourgish to you! We are working on making it available for general purchase, but in the meantime, you can order the book by either sending us a message here with your address or an email to info@bfl.lu. We will send out the order once we have confirmation of payment, which can either be made via bank transfer or with PayPal.

Mir si frou, fir iech d’Neit Testament op Lëtzebuergesch virzestellen! Mir schaffen drun, fir d’Buch an den ëffentleche Verkaf ze kréien. An der Tëschenzäit kënnt dir d’Buch bestellen, andeems dir eis mat ärer Adress e Message hei schéckt oder eis op info@bfl.lu uschreift. Mir verschécken d’Bicher, wann d’Bezuelung ukomm ass. D’Bezuelung geet entweder mat Iwwerweisung oder per PayPal.

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Proofs for download

Last Monday (14.08) we sent everything to the printers and on Friday (18.08) we got the various documents back as proofs before everything goes to print.

Proofs for download2017-08-21T20:35:45+01:00

Upgraded to using ParaTExt

This has made our team’s work so much easier!

Here an excerpt from the Paratext website:

Paratext is the world’s leading software application for the development and checking of new Bible translation texts, or revisions to existing texts. Developed jointly by UBS and SIL International, it enables consistent and accurate translation, based on original texts, and modelled on versions in major languages. Due in part to its cutting edge collaboration features, Paratext greatly assists in producing higher quality translations in much less time than previous tools and methods have allowed.

To know more about this application, please visit their website: http://pt8.paratext.org/features/.

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